Champaign County Camera Club Meeting Schedule 2016-17

All numbered meetings take place at 7:30 in the Siebel Center Room 1103 unless otherwise announced.
Link for map to mtg. room 1103 Siebel Ctr.
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Return to CCCC homepage 0 9 9am-4pm Illinois Valley High School in Chillicothe
Champaign County Camera Club
2016-17 Fall Schedule
Date No. Activities and Special Notices Competition Categories
29-Aug-16 1 Get Re-Acquainted/
Show & Tell
Bring up to 20 digital images of summer &/or other get-acquainted images
12-Sep-16 2 Member Critique - projected and prints Bring 1 or 2 digital images or prints for comments before CICCA selection and salon*.
26-Sep-16 3 Select Images for CICCA (Regional) Fall Salon Club maximum: 50 prints and 50 digital images.*
10-Oct-16 4 Education: Portraiture Workshop Damian Wallace
22-Oct-16 SAT CICCA (regional) Fall Salon In Bloomington
24-Oct-16 5 Photo Project Flora - Bring "Flora" images - projected or print (max 10)
7-Nov-16 6 CCCC(local) Projected Image Competition A-Leading Lines (O) B-People (O) C-Food (PR) D-Mono Nature (PR)
Thanksgiving Break
28-Nov-16 7 Education:Image Storage & Retrieval/Member Show Eric Adickes
12-Dec-16 8 Member Image Critique Meeting at Uni High, 1st floor -- Final Exam Week @ U of I
Winter Break
09-Jan-17 9 Education: Mounting Prints/Member Show? Adickes, Wiseman, Long?
23-Jan-17 10 CCCC (local) Print Competition A-Small B-large C-open
02/3-4/2017 FRI/SAT BIS Pre-Selection and Formal Judging
06-Feb-17 11 Show Images from Fall Outing? Photo Project?
10-Feb-17 FRI BIS Set-up
19-Feb-17 SUN BIS Public Critique and Awards
20-Feb-17 12 Member Shows - Jim and Allen
27-Mar-17 13 Member program - Bob Wiseman and others - photobooks
Spring Break
18-Mar-17 Peoria Camera Club Seminar "The Art of Seeing" Bryan Peterson (PR) (PR)
27-Mar-17 14 CCCC (local) Projected Image Competition A-Landscape (PR) B-Red (O) C-I-74 "Iconic Illinois"(PR)
10-Apr-17 15 Member Critique
22-Apr-17 SAT CCCC Spring Salon Prints and Projected Images Salon projected image topic list in Competition Guidelines
24-Apr-17 16 CCCC Planning Meeting for 2017-18
29-Apr-17 SAT Photo Walk or Spring Outing??
01-May-17 17 CCCC Business Meeting Selection of I-74 images
4-May-17 THUR I-74 Challenge - Hosted by CCCC Projected Images "Iconic Illinois" Images taken since May 12, 2016 by members of Champaign County Camera Club or the Bloominton Kodaroamers Club