2017 Best in Show Winners - Manipulated

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Photo of a building identified with the word Trump on the side. A US flag on a pole towers above that and is back-lit by the sun shining over the building
1st Place
Size Isn't Everything
Tricia Scott
of Tuscola
a piece of rusted metal with the words …ersville, GA on it shows a multitude of colors brought out by the photographer’s manipulation.
2nd Place
"Nature's Paint"
Kris Ehler
of Champaign
This black and white photo depicts a person  from the back standing about ankle-deep in water. The person’s head and shoulders are behind a striped umbrella.  The dark suit is reflected downward in the water to the bottom of the picture.
3rd Place
"Standing in the rain"
Bobby Lillard
from Danville

Honorable Mentions went to: Ryan Domier of Urbana for "Landing Party", Jeanine Laroe from Ivesdale for "Kaleidoscope of Colors", and Chris Ehler of Champaign for "Oil CAn Van"

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