2017 Best in Show Winners - Nature

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A spider seems to be guarding the largest of seven small golden mushrooms
1st Place
A Spider and His Mushroom
Lara Darling
of Oakwood
a bee atop a flower fills the frame of this close-up picture
2nd Place
"Bee's Eye View"
Brenda Rezk
of Champaign
A beautiful green meadow is surrounded at the back with trees on three sides and features a fairy ring of white mushrooms in the foreground
3rd Place
"The Meadow"
Mindy Brand
from Champaign

Honorable Mentions went to: Jason Kandume of Urbana for "Golden Laugh", Andrew Lauer of Urbana for "Let the Light Through", Yi Pei of Urbana for "The Warmest Little Hugs", Lara Darling of Oakwood for "Buckeye on Asters", Barbara J. Peters of St. Joseph for "Solitude", and Michael Grossman of Urbana for "Nature's Lace, Costa Rica"

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