2017 Best in Show Winners - People

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A thoughtful man with a short white beard and mustache is sitting on a boat at sea with the shoreline behind him
1st Place
The Man and the Sea
Lara Darling
of Oakwood
A man in shadow with his back to the camera is framed by a door he seems to be closing and graffiti on the wall facing the door. The door says “Matador”
2nd Place
"The Matador"
Matt Freden
of Champaign
a younger girl looks up at an older girl whose attention is on a large ice cream cone
3rd Place
"I Wish..."
Bryan Wang
from Champaign

Honorable Mentions went to: Jeanine Laroe of Ivesdale for "Serious Moment", Adam Kruse of champaign for "Unimpresssed", and Abbie Joy of Champaign for "Joyful Moment" /

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