2017 Best in Show Winners - Youth

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A thoughtful man with a short white beard and mustache is sitting on a boat at sea with the shoreline behind him
1st Place
The Man and the Sea
Lara Darling
of Oakwood
A man in shadow with his back to the camera is framed by a door he seems to be closing and graffiti on the wall facing the door. The door says “Matador”
2nd Place
"The Matador"
Matt Freden
of Champaign
a younger girl looks up at an older girl whose attention is on a large ice cream cone
3rd Place
"I Wish..."
Bryan Wang
from Champaign

Honorable Mentions went to: Kiah Thompson of Urbana for Pentax MX", Lyric Newbeam of Champaign for Raise 'Em Right, Allison Yost of Mahomet for "King Julian says,'Move it'", and Valentina Grant of Champaign for "Carriers" and "The Green Mantis"

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