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Our regular meetings are in room 1103 of the Siebel Center for Computer Sciences on the U of I campus. The room for Annual CCCC Salon is yet to be announced.
Link for map to Siebel Center

Monday March 27 - The second projected image competition of the year will take place at the regular meeting time and place. Regular competitions allow members to try images in a competition before entering them in an outside competition and before entering them in our year-end Salon digital and print competition on April 22. -
Competition Categories for March 27th (notice changes!):
A – Landscape (Photo Realistic) These images may include the visible features of an area of land or water, including the physical elements of landforms, water bodies such as rivers, lakes and the sea, living elements of land cover including indigenous vegetation, human elements including land and or water uses, buildings and structures, and transitory elements such as lighting and weather conditions.
B—Red (Open) – anything visually or thematically connected with the color red
C—This Year’s I-74 Topic - Iconic Illinois (Photo Realistic) Category C is in preparation for the I-74 Challenge on May 4 -
---for that Competiton the images must be taken after May 12, 2016 - for our competition they may have been taken any time.
Rules for the projected image competition (sizing and labeling - section 6) along with definitions of Open and Photo-realistic (section 3) are on the website in the Competition Guidelines. Direct link: Competition Guidelines

---Each member may enter a maximum of 3 pictures per category.
To be eligible to compete, a member must have paid dues effective for this year.
To be eligible for entry, an image must not have been “accepted” nor have received "honorable mention" nor have placed(i.e. been judged to be in the upper 1/3 competing) in a digital format in any previous regular competition.
---Images will be accepted by e-mail to until Sunday March 26 at 9pm or on a thumb drive the evening of the 27th before the meeting. Please arrive at 7:15 or earlier.

April 10 - Regular Meeting – Member Image Critique
- At this most helpful of meetings, President Wehrmann will lend his expertise in lightroom to illustrate our suggestions about projected images as we critique member images together. Bring one or two images – preferably projected images – for the group to see and make detailed suggestions about. The critique activity is a great way to see your work from a different point of view especially in preparation for year-end competions.

April 22 – Annual Spring Salon (Print and Projected Images) In this competition, we have an all-day activity and lunch with the judges. Print and projected images are presented and judged. You may enter any digital or printed image so long as it has not been accepted in a previous Champaign County Camera Club Spring Salon. Your images from regular competitions are welcome. Look for category descriptions in the Competition Guidelines

April 24 – Planning Meeting for 2017-2018
Come with ideas for photo projects, outside speakers, education meetings, etc. Your input is essential. We need help for committees and officers.

April 29 – Photo Walk or Spring Outing? – Got an idea for this event and/or a summer field trip?

May 1 – Business Meeting – final decisions on next year’s schedule and selection of I-74 images. (We are hosting the event this year and will need to select 50 images from the club’s entries to take part in this annual challenge -see below) Bring in or e-mail your “Iconic Illinois” pictures from this year to help us put together the best challenge we can for the Kodaroamers.

CHECK OUT the 2016-2017 schedule for information on other upcoming activities. 2016-17 Meeting Schedule.

OTHER NOTICES-possible conferences, seminars, and competitions in Champaign and elsewhere in Illinois in 2017:
May 4 – I-74 Challenge – Two camera clubs located along I-74, The Bloomington Kodaroamers and the Champaign County Camera Club, meet annually with 50 images from their club to compete for points on a certain topic. This year’s topic is Iconic Illinois. Photos must have been taken since May 12, 2016. How have your photos reflected Illinois in an iconic way? Help our club win with your great Illinois photos! At Carle hospital in Urbana - 7 pm? More details and deadlines to come.









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The location of our meetings is in the Turner Hall Room W-115.
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